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Balloons, magic show and more
Balloons, magic show and more

Birthday parties

Drouille the clown comes to your house in the comfort of your living room to impress, entertain and delight your guests!

For everyone!
For everyone!


Comical and silly with a quick and witty reply, it's a new improvisation each time for all kinds of events!

Solo, duo or thematic!
Solo, duo or thematic!


Very interactive magic show; solo or duo. A Christmas show is also available, book early!

Birthday parties

at your home


Birthday parties: 60 minutes

(maximum  12 children) Very interactive magic show with the appearance of a real rabbit, followed by balloon sculptures for each child. Price: 175 $                        

Birthday parties: 90 minutes

(maximum 7 children) Very interactive magic show with the appearance of a real rabbit, followed by face painting and special balloon sculptures for each child. Price: 225 $                        

Birthday parties: 120 minutes

(7 à 12 children) Very interactive magic show with the appearance of a real rabbit, followed by face painting and special balloon sculptures for each child. Price: 275 $                        


  • Travel expenses may apply.
  • Our services can be tailored to your needs.


Playful, crazy and custom animation for all types of events such as festivals, corporate parties, special days at school or daycare, parades, baptisms, weddings...

  • Walk-around on stilts, bike or scooter
  • Specialized Characters according to your theme
  • Fancy Makeup
  • Exceptional Balloon Sculptures
  • Magicians, Illusionists, fire breathers, jugglers


Clown show : Drouille L’Andouille


Drouille the clown is a mischievous and clumsy character, extremely surprising.

She will surprise you with her wittiness and funny interaction with the audience. She will present, in front of the children, funny and various magic tricks that will involve the children and their parents. Using a lot of different magic wands, she will reveal a real rabbit!

She has everything to please young and old! 

Approximate duration: 40 minutes + extra time for the public to get the opportunity to pet the animal and take pictures with the clown. (with or without a sound system)

Christmas show : Drouille; that's not a gift!

Magical and humouistic magic show with the appearance of a Christmas bunny!

Drouille the clown request the help of all the children to find THE PERFECT gift to give to Santa Claus ! She suggests a bunch of wacky and crazy ideas that will definitely makes the crowd laugh and smile!

Filled with humour and surprises!

Included: appearance of a real rabbit.

Approximate duration: 40 minutes + extra time for the public to get the opportunity to pet the animal and take pictures with the clown. (with or without a sound system)

Duo show : Totoche Lacaboche & Drouille L’Andouille!

Welcome to the world of clowning of Totoche and Drouille; two friends whose complicity is no more to prove! In addition to cutting their costumes in the same curtain, they exchange repartee shameless! While Drouille dreams to be as clever, sensible, and intelligent than Totoche, this one tries desperately to cover up the nonsense and her sidekick's misbehaviour.

It is with magic and humour that our two completely twisted clowns unveil their true nature.

They perform in front of you magic tricks with the participation of a public delighted to see appear real animals and perhaps even see disappear one of our charming characters.

This truly family show is the result of an equation between two clowns for whom humour is no longer a secret.

Add Totoche and Drouille and you'll find more than 40 years of experience and 45 minutes where the laughs are assured and pleasure doubled!

Approximate time: 45 minutes + time for a photo shoot with the clowns and the animals. (With a sound system)

Feel free to contact me for your needs in animation and custom-themed shows.

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Drouille the clown

Karine Roberge

                            Magic, balloons et face paintings!                                            

I grew up in a beautiful house surrounded by a wonderful family and, in the head, the constant image of a future filled with smiles and imagination. I hopped several years between theatre and improvisation to finally choose to complete the program Arts and Letters profile drama at College Lionel-Groulx in 2001. All those years of study and fun have confirmed, after all, what seemed so unreal previous;y. I was born to be a clown and I would remain like that...

My character named Drouille was born in December 1995. Since then I explore clowning in order to distribute my craziness with the public. I greatly benefited from my experience with the Super Circus in Montreal, and I also worked throughout Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. I have further contributed to hundreds of festivals and large events by presenting my wacky character all the way up to Nanjing City in China. Since then, my character continues to carve out a special place in the heart of thousands of children and adults.

Drouille is my real goofy side. This character gives me the chance to think no more and finally be. On stage, the natural determination of my clown is clearly visible.

My repartee is very sharp and surprising.

I cross limits with a disarming balance.

Importants events

  • Super Circus at the Bell Center; Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton 2001-2008
  • Tour with the Fabuleux Cirque Estival; nearly 400 performances in 6 provinces in Canada 2007-2010
  • Euro-American Clown Carnival, Nanjing, China 2008
  • Ste-Justine Hospital, Children Hospital
  • Maurice Tanguay Foundation, Trois-Rivières, Rimouski, Quebec, Abitibi, 2003 - 2006
  • Participant and winner on the TV show "la Guerre des clans"  2015


  • Clown formation with Blass Villalpando
  • Clown formation 1 & 2 with Francine Côté
  • Mime Formation with Mario Diamond
  • Clown formation with René Bazinet
  • Professional training in various Clown'Art (Largest gathering of clowns in Quebec)
  • Organizing member for 4 consecutive years of Clown Art


  • Award winner “Coup de Cœur” at the Mondial des Amuseurs Publics, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC
  • Winner of the 1st place in the august category at Clownfest: Seaside Heights, New Jersey, U.S.A.
  • Winner of the 1st place in the multiple balloon sculptures category at Clownfest: Seaside Heights, New Jersey, U.S.A


Drouille the clown and friends!

Drouille the Clown offers a series of characters to suit your themed activities. Christmas or Easter, a graduation or a festival, Drouille or one of her friends will certainly suit your needs. Our clowns are moving from Montreal to St-Jérôme, Repentigny to St-Eustache through Laval, often without travel expenses! Challenge us with new ideas for our balloon sculptures and thematic shows and you will certainly get a successful party!

Humour, quick repartee and professionalism for over 20 years!

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Very happy customer

Everyone likes Drouille the clown

  • The last time I laugh like this, I wasn't even born.

    Jessie Scape / Laval

    This is clearly the best clown of the universe, and perhaps even more ...

    Jack Uzzi / Blainville

    She is so funny that I lost my hair. No one will ever laugh at my haircut again. Thank you Drouille!

    R.M Pitt / Longueuil

    Drouille, what do you do Saturday night?

    Kent Wait / Montréal

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I will be happy to offer you a service tailored to your needs.

Leave me your contact information, date, time, location, number of guests and the type of event which you would like Drouille to participate. I will answer you as soon as possible.